Happy New Year 2016

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.” ~ “A Room of One’s Own”

2016 was another blur  of making. The beginning of this year i will be busy finishing off a few commissions. Making New Tweed, Floral and antique  Velvet Bags and Tweed Brooches for the stockists. Then its knitting to finish  for the Easter Charity Selling Bonanza to organise and do! Plus a busy Day job and homelife to juggle. Sometime in Spring /Summer the sewing machine zipper foot will be dug out to experiment and develop a new Make, in my signature style,  hopefully to launch Summer/Autumn. Although plans don’t always work out, so its all a vague plan and then i let it develop organically. Its worked so far! Sewing was always supposed to be a hobby to help me recover from Cancer treatment and all its side effects. It meant i met lots of interesting new people who are all gentle souls. Along the way people with retail outlets approached me to stock my makes and suddenly i had to register as a business and be slightly more organised. Although i am keeping it all at a gentle pace and sew in the afternoons in the Dining Room when the mood takes me. Lots of ideas are always buzzing around in my head, but life means they will never all happen. Photos of new makes to follow soon.