January 2014, new stockist

002 004 001Latest news: Another new stockist of my Tweed Bunnies and bags from January is ‘Locally Produced for You’, Central Ave, West Bridgford, Nottingham. A spring colour palette of Tweed Bunnies bounced into the shop last Saturday  and soon felt very at home in a wicker basket. Shop owner Kate has two adorable bunnies so it was quite fitting she should stock my tweed versions.

The end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 has been busy making for my three stockists. A Spring collection of Tweed Bunnies, bags and brooches is currently being created. Bunnies are in the ‘Locally Produced for You’ shop. New Bags made from  tweeds, cottons and Hungarian indigo linen which is handprinted, Brooches in Irish Donegal tweeds and some cashmere/wool scarves backed in cotton fabrics are to go into ‘Focus Gallery’ in the next few weeks and new stock will go into ‘Emily Found a Thing’ in Feb.

Photos of new bags to follow in Feb as they are still being created.