Bag making

050 040 042 035The past few weeks i have finally managed to start making the bag commisions i have been getting since last Sept! Lifes events meant i had to take 6 months out, but now i’m back on track.

The next few months will be spent designing and making bags for the many people who have been patiently waiting. Heres a few photos of three i have completed so far.


January, Feb and March 2013

006 027January, Feb and March have passed in a blur of Charity Knitted Easter Chicks! Janine has spent most evenings during the past few months, knitting, sewing up, strangling, beaking and eyeing hundreds of Chicks to sell for funds for The Nottingham Breast Cancer Support Group. I will post the final totals of money raised, Team Janine has already exceeded last years total!

I have been selling these through many outlets for afew years now, but this year i have been organising Team Janine, making, with help from my many helpers and sorting out the sales, getting in the money etc etc. Afew left to sell and the rest of the money to gather in. You would think thats it we could all have a rest, but no, knitting has already started for next year. Plus hens will be added to the mix, a budding volunteer has offered to crochet the plumes, prototypes were discussed and today shown to a few people, they met with excitement, so all looks good to go ahead.

I feel i should also mention that during Feb i lost a very special friend Debi to Ovarian Cancer. Its been a very sad and heartbreaking few weeks. Debi had been having treatment for over four years, and never gave up trying to find a cure and prolong her life. I have lots of private memories, we started off as work colleagues, but became good friends after Debis cancer diagnosis. We met up for lunches and afternoon teas every few weeks, went off on summer trips and shared craft stalls and also had adjacent stalls. Debi was the person who started me off sewing and was a constant help and mentor. I will miss her so much, we had so many more things we planned to do. I will remember the happy times.