Happy Christmas 2012


Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Here at Bunny HQ the cards are written and the presents wrapped, just! Now to settle down to listen to Carols from King’s and then the last five episodes of The Killing (perhaps not all five tonight though!). There is no baking and cooking happening here as we always go out for Xmas lunch, anyway isn’t that what M&S is for!

Time to ponder and plan for 2013. Jan and Feb will be taken up with sewing up and selling hundreds of knitted charity Easter Chicks. Then when the ‘Man of the House/ Pain in the neck’ returns to a phased return to work, i will at last have time to get out the sewing machine and make the bags i had planned to make at the end of 2012 and didn’t. The end of Jan i will be going on a short course for inspiration and to learn a new technique which i may or may not incorporate into some new work. Then Spring and Summer will be over to design and development, then making  before the Autumn and Winter Fairs. So hoping to spend Xmas relaxing and recharging the batteries after a stressful end to the year. Heres hoping in 2013 myself and ‘the Man of the House’ manage to not spend quite so much time at both of the hospitals in our city!

P.S. Willow wreath grown and made at The Garden Bothy, Staunton, Derbyshire before i wound around Nottingham Lace and finished off with a silver bow.