My last fair of the year will be at The Southwell Garden Centre, Vintage and Handcrafted Fair on Sunday December 2nd, 10 to 4pm.

However a large selection of my Tweed Bunnies, Bags and Brooches are stocked at at the lovely shop, Rose and Peck, The Arcade, Newark, where Diane and Zoe are only to glad to help with those Xmas purchases. Its a delightful gift shop, which also supports local crafters like myself. Worth a visit.

I will briefly explain why the November diary has been empty. After a hectic and very stressful time since the end of Oct due to ‘The man of the house’ having urgent tests and an operation, (which the surgeon and consultant said indicated most likely to be cancer). After extensive surgery the results came back much to their surprise good news. ( I always said it could be good news, in my up days, but did try to mentally prepare for not so good news) I can’t describe the relief. Can only praise our GP and the staff at the ENT Centre at the QMC, Nottingham for the care and attention he had. The last few weeks have been spent looking after him, cancelling various planned events ( my planned trip to Brussels for my Birthday has been given away, nevermind a lesson learnt is get annual holiday insurance before booking!) Its quite uplifting giving away your birthday presents! Now things are slowly getting back to normal I have finally managed to use the sewing machine once this month to finish a few brooches. The commisions for bags, people have kindly said can wait till next year. A basket of Bunnies i have managed to get ready for sale, (50% of the purchase price of the bunnies will go to ‘Maggies’ Nottingham) for a friends Coffee Evening House Event, raising money to the above,  this Friday. So i will popping along for coffee and cake. Now my sense of humour has come back i now refer to ‘the man of the house’ as ‘A pain in the neck’. Who would of thought my mentioning to him he had a slight swelling on his left neck would turn our world upside down!